Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let me introduce myself

As you hopefully gathered from my blog title, my name is Kimberly and I cook. I was born and raised in southern California where the strong cultural presence of Latino and Asian communities still influence my cooking today. Because I was blessed to grow up in such a culturally varied and produce-rich environment, I was exposed to some of the best Chinese, Hong Kong-ese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican, Peruvian, and Indian food outside of their respective motherlands. I am also blessed to come from a family of exceptionally gifted cooks and bakers who’ve inspired my love of all things food and kitchen related.

Though I have spent the majority of my life living in southern California, my restlessness, my job, and my love have brought me to many different parts of the globe and have opened my eyes to food’s place in culture. I now live in Norway where I cook in a large, airy kitchen with plenty of surface space for all my mess. The stovetop range is completely flat and goes from is-this-even-on? to nuclear in the blink of an eye. My oven measures degrees in Celsius and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs symbolize its settings. My refrigerator beeps if a door is left open too long and the minute timer that hangs from its door has a very persistent and annoying beep. Though this kitchen is different from any kitchen I’ve used before, it’s a happy and a busy kitchen.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you take advantage of the mistakes that I’ve made and choose not to make them on your own. On that token, I hope you enjoy the recipes I post as well. Please leave me a note if you’ve tried something and liked it, didn’t like it, made a mistake and want to share it, or just want to say hi…maybe ask how this American is getting along in Oslo. I guarantee – she’d love to hear from you.

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