Saturday, March 7, 2009

Holy What the What?!?

Last night, I decided to make a quick dinner of Thai Green Curry, making use of leftover fresh baby corn, Thai eggplants, and Chinese long beans. I stopped by the little Thai food mart next to my Norwegian class and purchased a can of instant green curry. The can contained a paste of the typical spices and ingredients in a green curry. All I needed to do was add 2 cups of coconut milk and 2 cups of water and voila! I'd have Thai curry. I was super excited about this and made it for dinner on Friday.

A mistake, and bad habit, of mine is to get so excited over the food that I plate up without doing a final tasting. I have gotten a lot better but on Friday, I was so hungry and the curry smelled so good that I just plated it and served it up. When we settled down to dinner, I took a small, tentative sip of the curry sauce. The first second it hit my tongue, I could taste the coconut and some of the spices. The second and third second were spent reflecting on the authentic flavor. The fourth second, it started to register that my tongue hurt and blood was starting to rush to my face. This shit was hot!!! Boyfriend, who is more sensitive to heat than me, was a trooper and made it through the first 5 bites before admitting it was a tad bit spicy. 5 more bites and he was sweating. After an additional 5 bites, he put down his half eaten plate and conceded defeat. I was a bit more tenacious, but I paid for it this morning. I ate most of my dinner but I had to eat it in stages and I had to eat it cold. I just couldn't take the temperature and the spice heat at the same time. I am a naturally slow eater but dinner last night took me an hour and a half to complete...and I can only say that I got through most of it before I held up the white flag.

Here's a picture of the scorcher dinner from Hades.

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